Hamish with the Stewart Marsden Award

Coromandel Quarry History

Coromandel Quarry was started in 1977 by Jim Davies.  Coromandel Quarry and Contracting Ltd was established in 1994 by Richard and Brenda Kelsey.  Tuateawa Quarry was added in 2004.

CQC  and Tuateawa Quarry service the Northern part of the Coromandel Peninsula for all grades of roading metal, drainage metal, builders mix, decorative rock and contracting.  Specializing in cartage, subdivision work, house sites and driveways.

Photo left: Hamish Kelsey with the Stewart Marsden Award which was awarded by the Institute of Quarrying in November, 2014.

Coromandel Quarry & Contracting proudly support the following Organisations and Community Events & Activities:

Alex Kelsey Racing

alexKelsey MC2 (Mad Creation 2)
Designed, built and driven by Alex Kelsey.